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Tattoo Studio in Koh Samui, Thailand

Has Moved Location!

Is no longer in Lamai Beach   -  Koh Samui, Thailand
"Chili Joe`s" Tattoo Studio is now located in Bangkok, T
Telephone ++ 66 (0)83 295 7149

Hot... not spicy!

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Bangkok Tattoo Studio

Chili Joe

High Standard Hygiene
Hospital Autoclave Sterilization
New Needles For Every Customer
30 Vibrant, Strong, Tested Safe Colors
Thousands Of Designs To Choose Or Bring Your Own
Air-Conditioned For Your Comfort
Private Room

During your next visit to Koh Samui, Visit Thailand`s premier Tattoo Studio in Bangkok before or after your vacation..

"Chili Joe" invites you to visit him at his studio and experience first class tattooing firsthand during your stay. "Chili Joe" is a truly dedicated professional to the art of Tattooing, upholding high standards of hygiene for his customers.

Not o­nly recognized as Thailands top tattoo artist, "Chili Joe" has traveled & tattooed extensively throughout Europe. Executing each and every design with fine detail, "Chili Joe" has no boundaries or limits with any style of tattooing.

Specializing in Thai and Oriental styles of tattooing, he can make your visit to Koh Samui a truely lifelong, unique experience to remember!

As well, many internationally famous tattoo artists can be found there throughout the year working alongside "Chili Joe" and enjoying the paradise of Thailand.

The Tattoo Gods of Thailand are beckoning you.......

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